Hybrid Container

In March 2016 Hybrid Systems Australia successfully completed Factor Acceptance Testing (FAT) on HSA’s first Hybrid Container, which was later installed by the client on site in Port Hedland, Western Australia.

The project consisted of the installation of a number of different components into a modified 40ft shipping container, including:

  • 2 Schneider 8.5 kW inverters
  • 2 Schneider Solar charge controllers
  • 2 600-amp hour battery banks
  • Schneider battery monitoring systems
  • Electrical distribution board
  • Cummins 30 kVA diesel generator
  • 4200-litre fuel storage cube

HSA’s client required a system which could cater for a very unique load profile. For the majority of the time, the site would only require a very small amount of energy, roughly 15% of the peak load, to keep a number of components in standby mode. However, in any given day the load would radically increase for short periods of time, approximately 20 times per day.

By installing two battery banks and a Generator, the client is able to power the site for the majority of the time by using the batteries and inverters alone. The system will only run the Generator for short periods of time to charge the batteries and supply power to the site during peak load periods.

With the reduction of Generator run time due to the use of batteries and inverters, less diesel fuel is consumed and the service intervals of the Generator are increased, allowing maintenance staff to attend site less frequently.

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