Pioneering the way for the use of green hydrogen storage and generation, Hybrid Systems was awarded the contract to build Australia’s first renewable hydrogen demonstration plant in a remote power system in Denham, Western Australia.

The ground-breaking hybrid solar and hydrogen power station has tested the capability of hydrogen as a dispatchable power source in a remote microgrid environment.

The project incorporates a solar farm, electrolysers, hydrogen compression and storage, and a fuel cell, integrated with wind and a BESS unit, to support the existing diesel generators.

Hybrid Systems has also partnered with LAVO to trial and test the applications of LAVO’s hydrogen energy technology. LAVO’s hydrogen energy storage system (HESS) integrates a patented metal hydride storage, within an integrated hydrogen creation, storage and usage system, for long-term energy storage applications. The trial combines Hybrid Systems experience and capability in hybrid power generation, together with the first only commercially ready HESS designed for everyday use. Commercial and residential applications are being explored.