Rapid Deployable Stand Alone Power System

Hybrid Systems’ innovative Rapid Deployable Stand-Alone Power System (RD-SPS) integrates the latest renewable energy technology to create an all-in-one skid mounted hybrid renewable energy system designed from our award winning experience in Stand-Alone Power Systems.

The RD-SPS combines the latest and most reliable Hybrid Systems Stand-Alone Power System design with top class back up diesel generation and the latest solar PV technology to provide users with confidence in their power source when they need it most.

Merging the hardware on to one transportable skid results in a system that, once unloaded, can be generating power for the user in less than an hour.
Perfect for situations where the primary power source is not available due to natural disasters such as bushfires or cyclones, or where there is no alternative source other than a generator which may not be suitable due to noise or refuelling limitations.

Where even more power is required, the RD-SPS can be offered in high output single, split or three phase configurations to suit almost any need. The battery capacity can be increased up to ~120kWh of storage, providing enough storage capacity to last several days (dependent on usage).

The RD-SPS can also be combined with additional skid mounted rapidly deployable PV arrays, work in conjunction with existing PV installations or temporary ground mount arrays of up to 36kWp can be arranged ensuring a versatile RD-SPS, to meet all requirements.