Solomon & North Star Batteries

Project Name: Solomon
Location: Pilbara, WA
Client: FMG
Capacity: 16 MW
Project Commencement: 2022
Battery: 16 MW

Hybrid Systems Australia has delivered Western Australia’s largest network-integrated battery storage system as a part of Fortescue Metals Group’s Pilbara Energy Connect project.

Hybrid Systems designed, installed and commissioned 42MW of interconnected battery energy storage system (BESS) for Fortescue’s Solomon and North Star mine sites, making it one of the world’s largest network-connected BESS to be developed for a mining application.

The battery systems use industry-leading grid stabilising control systems, including millisecond response capabilities and Kokam battery technology, to provide greater protection against load spikes and dips and ensure overall network stability.

The batteries offer grid stability and support, providing spinning reserve backup to any gas generation outages or sudden changes in the solar output.

The batteries will store energy from Fortescue’s planned 150MW of nearby solar, enabling mining activities to be powered by more renewable energy and cutting the annual carbon emissions of the mines.